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17 Year old Norwegian Csgo player

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Hi my name is Daniel Jay i go usually by Jay as its shorter to say and just much more efficient for calls. Im Norwegian and 17 years old and Id say i have a much more above average aim and crosshair placement as in previous games as Overwatch that i used to play i was a top 500 eu Sniper in that game but that game is dead now and ive moved over to csgo. I have about total across all accounts 1700 hours i usually play mirage overpass D2 Cache Inferno and have decent map knowlegde of all of them. Id say the main reason ive moved over to looking for a team is there is always room for improvement and also its much better to have a team knowing they try to play at their full potential instead of some of my friends that always scream rush.


Playstyle, Id say aggressive in a way i tend to find off angle aggressive positions. I play aggressive but not stupidly aggressive i know when i need to be on the defense and im much aware of faking sound queues and.

Main weapons, Ak m4a1-s, Awp, SSG