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Looking for a great team of guardians to build war stories with!

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I've been gaming since 1987 on the ol' 8 bit Nintendo.  I'm a longtime Bungie advocate, so of course its only natural i'm a Destiny addict!  Definitely an easy going player always pumping the team up after a wipe making sure we accomplish our mission as it is our responsibility as guardians!

My bread and butter is definitely my hunter which has just about every exotic for his class.  400 light level and usually try to run gear between tier 10/11.  I do have a 400 Titan as well but usually only running her for farming purposes.  Yes, I have already pre-ordered Destiny 2 and I'm ready for our full length trailer soon!

I'm looking for a team of guardians to build friendships, memories, and epic war stories with!  My father (68 years old) is also an avid player as well and while he isn't the best teammate his heart is in the right place.  We have to take care of our senior citizens right guardians. lol!!!



TTT I don't know you, but feel free to join The Rooks on discord. We're currently inactive in Destiny (only 4 of us right now) but we're building for Destiny 2 and passing the time with Overwatch and Battlefield 1.

As far as your father goes, we are open, our youngest member is 29 I believe, we started in a group that was mostly parents and have struck out on our own for D2. I had a lengthy history as a sherpa in Year1 of Destiny and am no stranger to lower skill-level players who just want to enjoy the same activities and challenges the rest of us are. I'd be willing to bet your father wouldn't be the worst player I've had on a fireteam too.


I forgot to mention, we're mostly central+mountain timezone players, we're usually gaming between 7 and midnight central time.


I hear you, brother.

If you feel like running with some other mature players, hit us up. We're all in this together and I'm sure it helps when you play with guys who are on the same level. The clan is called 'Husbands of Omnigul' and you can find us both on this site and on the discord app. (Makes communication off game a little easier)

Best of luck,



Hello TTT, 

Our clan is Waking The Fallen [0WTF].  We're hyped and recruiting for Destiny 2.  We will be participating in all aspects of Destiny 2’s PvE and PvP modes and are looking for respectful gamers that want to have fun, make new friends, and of course great war stories.  You can check us out at or on our xbox live club.  Cheers!


Join my clan!!!! Bad Parents of Destiny (about 325 people on FB page now).  We are amazing.  Look for us on Facebook or here:


Prox70 here. I am the founder of the First Blade DRT destiny raid clan. We are a smaller can that raids daily we are very laid back and never rage quick this is a game and we just want to have fun and meet new guardians. Look me up on xbox one


Hey TTT!

Are you looking for a group of mature, level-headed, Destiny friends? Are you tired of being rejected because you don't meet a certain set of LFG stat or equipment requirements? Then join us today! We're a semi-casual clan started by a group of friends who just want to enjoy the game without getting too lost in arguments about why Hopscotch Pilgrim is better than Hawksaw.

We don't care about your K/D average and we're not going to harass you to squad up every time you get online (we understand, sometimes you just want to patrol solo without a mic attached to your face)!

I think it's awesome that you play with your dad and we'd be happy to play with him too!

Yeah, our name may be a bit of a silly throwback, but so what? We've faced all of the challenges of Destiny 1 and have come out on the other side hungrier than ever for what Destiny 2 may offer. Come join us in PvE and PvP today!

You can find us on here:


We are experienced Guardians from day 1 re-joining the fight for Destiny 2.  We are a laid back group mixed with players skilled in crucible/trials while others are more experience in raids and best ways to leveling up the quickest.  Submit your request to R0NIN (with the # 0, not the letter) to join and send me, Rage247365, a message so I can accept you quicker.  See you soon!

Check us out here: