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Looking for a Clan


rG Jstewart757

Hey, are you looking for a good group to game with? If so rG is currently looking for members that want a mature, fun gaming experience. We are a gaming community made by gamers for gamers. Must be 17+ with a mic.

Just go to and join us today!

SKG FriendlyFire

If you're just looking for some people to game with I can tell you that the clan I've put together is the most elite team of... idiots. Nothing is all that serious except sometimes placements in Overwatch. Our group plays on both Xbox and PC for overwatch, but Destiny 1 & 2 will be on Xbox one, let me know if you're interested, mic is preferred but not needed. Hang out with some people who like the same games!


Just recently created a destiny clan to keep my group if friends together but we are one person shy of a full raid team and we are looking to get others in to even out PVP since it's going to be 4v4 from now on. If you are intrested in testing the waters shoot me a message on Xbox (DidTheTango). The guys and I are playing private Mayhem matches these days to keep us in our toes for D2. We don't mind having a few more players to join us on a match. If you don't feel like you can enjoy the game with us, no worries.


Hey BennyInTheZone,

Are you looking for a group of mature, level-headed, Destiny friends? Are you tired of being rejected because you don't meet a certain set of LFG stat or equipment requirements? Then join us today! We're a semi-casual clan started by a group of friends who just want to enjoy the game without getting too lost in arguments about why Hopscotch Pilgrim is better than Hawksaw.

We don't care about your K/D average and we're not going to harass you to squad up every time you get online (we understand, sometimes you just want to patrol solo without a mic attached to your face)!

Yeah, our name may be a bit of a silly throwback, but so what? We've faced all of the challenges of Destiny 1 and have come out on the other side hungrier than ever for what Destiny 2 may offer. Come join us in PvE and PvP today!

You can find us on here: