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Looking for a Clan

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What's up? I'm Benny. Laid back, down to earth, and chill gamer.  I just want to play and have fun.  Save the drama for your mama.  I'm too old for all the immaturity.  It's video games not the end of the world.  I love Overwatch but I want a team that actually works together and talks to each other like mature adults.  I main Mercy because I can't aim. I can play Reinhardt or Zenyatta also. 


Hey, are you looking for a good group to game with? If so rG is currently looking for members that want a mature, fun gaming experience. We are a gaming community made by gamers for gamers. Must be 17+ with a mic.

Just go to and join us today!

If you're just looking for some people to game with I can tell you that the clan I've put together is the most elite team of... idiots. Nothing is all that serious except sometimes placements in Overwatch. Our group plays on both Xbox and PC for overwatch, but Destiny 1 & 2 will be on Xbox one, let me know if you're interested, mic is preferred but not needed. Hang out with some people who like the same games!