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looking for a chill destiny 2 clan



19th Oct 2017 - 4:21am

What's up, Camo? TAW seem like your best fit out of all the others tbh.

TAW stands for The Art of Warfare. We are a PC gaming community of 2500+ members, supporting 20+ different games, and has been a gaming community since 2001. We are a gaming community that is also a registered LLC.

We are personally looking for people to help us defeat the Cabal in the world of Destiny and be as awesome as we know we are. We will run weekly PvP and PvE events on PC. We will have members on at all times once the game launches and have an NA and EU/UK section, and would much rather have the same group of people to play with every week instead of finding strangers on an LFG site.

We currently are openly recruiting Destiny 2 members for the PC. We will hold at least one weekly event for members and will be a very active Destiny clan. Our goal is to help our members have fun and be successful at all the PvP and PvE events Destiny 2 has to offer. We are a laid back group that knows this is a game and have fun playing it. We are family-friendly, but can be competitive.

A little bit about us:

We are a PC-centric community, filled with like minded individuals, that want to play, have fun and make friends with people through our common interest of games. We are relatively well known throughout multiple games, and some of our other games had received developers' recognitions/support.

This is a launching point for TAW, so now would be a great time to get in on the ground floor and be a part of creating a gaming experience designed for the new PC Destiny platform and be a part of developing a community that aspire to be on the tip of every Destiny 2 players' mouths one day.

We are a group that keeps the language clean and respectful as much as possible and have a good attitude. So PG-13 is the best way to describe it (but that doesn't mean we aren't competitors). We get together as a group once a week, discuss how the community is growing and what is going on, and do events; whether it be PvE or PvP. Download Teamspeak on your PC or mobile device to talk with other members.

Our website:

The Code of Ethics we strive to uphold:

If you would like to know more, add us and we will fill you in on more details or contact us through our website. If you do apply, make sure to have Destiny 2 as the "division" you're applying to.

Battletags: Memorydump#1105, Pods#1599, kwahamoT#21331 (EU/UK), TracyJackson#1834


10th Oct 2017 - 4:28pm

I am creating a brand new clan from the ground up to help the old and the new players that the PC version of Destiny will bring. Doesn't matter if you're PVP, PVE or PVTurtle, as long as you're a cool dude all is good! But you can decide for yourself if myself and everyone else in Gold Light are people you want to play with. Check out my channel below and come say hi. It is always good to know the people before you play with them :)


22nd Sep 2017 - 4:20pm

Cephalon Suda is Recruitng!

Region: NA

Platform: PC

Cephalon Suda is a clan for players who prefer to play solo, but still want the benefits of a clan rank and clan banner. We are a group of semi-casual players who enjoy challenging end-game content, like Raids, Nightfalls, and Trials of the Nine. We are primarily a PC clan, but accept players from all platforms. Contrary to our clan objective we still welcome group-play and even encourage it, though it is not required.

Our numbers may be small now, but with time we can grow into a sizable clan and achieve greatness. In the future, I hope to look into the addition of weekly schedules for Raids and Trials. Keep in mind that this is a solo-oriented clan and thus group-play is completely up to you.

Check out our clan page:


26th Aug 2017 - 11:34pm

I could invite you to the clan all day, but the only real way to ask if you want to join us is play with us for a night and see of you would like to be a part of the group. Because we are waiting on D2, we have been basically training for crucible in private matches in D1. If you ever want to do a few rounds with us, just let me know. You don't have to join the clan, but the invite to play and see if you're up to play D2 with us is there. We want players that enjoy the game together, and if you don't enjoy playing with us we understand you not wanting to play D2 with us. Just shoot me a message on Xbox (DidTheTango) if you're interested and I'll get the guys together for a match or two.


26th Aug 2017 - 4:36pm

Camo you should come check out Forged community! I think it is exactly what you're looking for. We have discord, we have our own website, we have dedicated forums, and we plan to have a good time in destiny. More on our website here and our bungie clan here.


26th Aug 2017 - 4:13am
JusticeMustDie here veteran and founder of The Heathenz. We're a three year old team of friends that have been helping Guardians slay the crap out the darkness. Whatever your kick is whether pvp or pve we got you covered. Preparing for Destiny 2 with a max of 30 members and two of which will become new admins. I will also be giving away Pop-Tart XP boost codes for the promotion and celebrating the launch to the first 10 new members as an added bonus. If you want a mature clan and meet some of the best friends and long lasting companions you'll ever have on this game send a request. Can't wait to show Gary how real Guardians get down! See you star side!…


25th Aug 2017 - 4:45am

Lethal is a newly formed Clan that is now looking to recruit members on PC!! We are looking for active, mature players (16+) that enjoy the social side of gaming and would like to help us build this clan into something very special!! At the moment we are open to recruiting players of all ability levels, the only requests are that you have a microphone and will be active on the Discord App (IOS and Android or PC) - our forum is now based here. If you are interested in joining our Clan please message Zing#0254 or P00ty#5684 on Discord (both experienced Year 1 Veterans from PS4) Discord invitation link : Destiny 2 invitation link: