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XB1 UK/EU clan – Slayers of Anarchy [SLYR] - we are looking for the last few to join before the first round of recruitment is closed.

The size of a clan and the free engrams available do not make a good clan, the members do.

Please note - this is a UK/EU clan. Although we have some members active during the day our main activity time is from 7.30pm GMT onwards and weekends. You can stop reading here and do not need to apply if your main game-time is outside of this.

We are now up to 29 active members, regular/fixed raid and trails teams are forming. Looking to grow to around 30 members, at 30 members recruitment will be closed. This will allow us to monitor activity and for fellow members to get to know each other. We are only looking for those wanting to work together and actually be part of a clan.

Casual and new players are welcome (just not solo and vulture players), we are happy to provide general game guidance and will run training raids when needed. All new members join the clan as beginners, this allows us to monitor activity easier.

We use discord to chat, arrange and track clan activities, you will need to download this once you have been accepted. Our admins monitor activity on discord and in the game, we will remove vultures and solo players that are just in the clan for the free engrams.

Do not apply if:

- you are just looking for free engrams
- you want to spend 90-95% of your time soloing game content
- you rage quit or are abusive to fellow clan mates
- you only play Tuesdays to get milestone, the raid and clan engrams

We will get all the clan engrams over the week, but only as part of clan activities. We do not target them straight after Tuesdays reset.

Step Up In Life

Hello AluRayne what is up!? I am one of the admins for Hektik WarReborn. We are a 21+ clan. Mostly my squad plays late after 6 PM PST until late in the night. We raid on Sun and Mon at 7 PM PST.

We have some UK and east coast guys including myself as well that are on in the mornings and afternoon. If you are interested send me your name to my xbox live gamer-tag Step Up In Life and I will add you.