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270 Titian - Xbox1 - Destiny 2

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Play frequently (daily) - Right now I'm doing strikes on repeat.  Would love to join an active clan.

Timezone - US / PST (CA)







Hello, my clan is looking for its first members. The founder and I (admin) would love to invite to the 'Jurassic Fight' Club if you'd be interested to check us out!

Gt: Aceleader09


Hey there! My Clan, Tango Smash, is pretty active and has been ongoing since week one. We are a rank 6 clan and have a raid team who is willing to take members through and teach them what they need to know for some great loot. We don't care about how skillful you are or how many times you've completed the raid. We just want to offer guardians a chance to get their clan engrams and get through the endgame. 


If you're interested, you can take a look at the clan page here on looking for clan for a little more information. It's an open clan, so anyone can join. 


Fireteam Frieza is recruiting if you're looking for a group to raid with weekly and do the nighfall weekly. I'll be sending you an invite