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ZuR Clan Tournament


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ZuR Clan Tournament [Fortnite]

Are YOU interested in participating in a FORTNITE TOURNAMENT ? Do you think you have what it takes? Do you want to face THE CHALLENGE?

Find a EU partner and join the ZuR clan discord server! Read the rules and register! The tournament is happening Sunday 11th of November! You must have registered before 00:00 CEST 10th of November! Be quick!

The tournament is organized, has brackets and so on. For organizing purposes you will be need to join the discord server here and be present! We do really insist on that, by not being present you will ruin the fun for the people facing you. Good Luck to everyone!

Here is some basic info you will need to know:

  1. The tournament is any platform

  2. The tournament is Eu only

  3. It is a DUO tournament

  4. If you are left alone without partner you will have to play on your own

  5. You shall not break any of the rules (Find them in the discord server)

  6. Any disrespect towards other players will get you immediately removed from the tournament

  7. Follow the brackets on your own, do not ask the admins who you up against next (The Brackets will be announced and pinned in the server)

Good luck and hopefully see you soon!

-The Fat Bear