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Denji - Looking for Clan


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Hi my name is Denji and I am a 14 year old gamer. I know 14 might seem a bit young but I believe that age shouldn't be keeping someone back from following their dreams. I am trying to startup a YouTube channel as well. I am looking for a family friendly casual and competitive clan to join, I use discord with a working microphone to communicate. I am looking for a clan that has OverWatch and Fortnite, and other games too. I play on the Xbox One hopefully PC soon. I am family friendly and open to join any clan with at least 50 people. I am very mature and responsible as well. I also have previous experiences in leadership and teamwork. Please contact me on Discord, Xbox, or Here if you would like to recruit me.

My IGN for Xbox: Mr Cakearter

Discord: @Froggo#8413

Best Regards,




13th Nov 2018 - 3:44am

I think you would be perfect for our clan because we have 50 people, we are very active and have a least one tournament (against another clan) a month and have space for you on our competitve team.


Ic3y Danky

10th Nov 2018 - 8:19am

Hey There, Welcome to Ic3y Clan, a fresh newly made clan looking for players and are growing pretty quickly as most of us are Youtubers..

But. If you want to join a NON-Toxic then Ic3y is the clan for you.


If you want to apply click the link following:…
and then join our discord and you will be granted with the 🔰Pending Ic3y🔰 role.

Best of luck 

- Danky  "Founder of Ic3y"