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Lokking for a clan

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I'm looking for an active clan that's casual or competitive and has a great community. I play on the PS4 and I love fortnite and Black Ops. I have 20+ wins and a 3+ K/D on fortnite. I'm a casual player that's always down for competition!



16th Oct 2018 - 12:00am





Hey there!

Kakashi897 here looking for devoted gamers to join Shadow Company.  Shadow Company is a mature community that has been around since 2008.  We enjoy having fun playing games with like-minded people, while staying competitive in game.  If this sounds like something you have been looking for we would invite you to join our ranks.


Minimum Requirements:

  • ·         Must be Mature
  • ·         Must have a Microphone
  • ·         Must be 18yo or older
  •           Must be able to attend at least 1 practice a week


Shadow Company supports the following platforms and titles, please ensure we support your title and region before registering an account:

  • Call of Duty Black Ops 4- NA/UK PS4, NA Only XB1
  • Destiny 2 - NA Only PS4 
  • Battlefield 5 - NA PS4 Only.

NOTE: Accounts signing up for games on platforms we do not support them on will be denied immediately. Make note of the above list of avaliable games and what consoles we support them on! This also goes for those applying from regions outside those we can support on certain games as well!


Shadow Company has quite a few things that our members participate in weekly, such as:

  1. Squad Based Practices
  2. SC Weekly Top 5 Youtube Series
  3. Clan Wide Tournaments
  4. Community Event Nights
  5. Clan Contests 
  6. Merch Store


Our latest Top 5 video!


Here is a small idea of how Shadow Company operates:


-Military Based System: We conduct practices with a squad that is led by a (SL) Squad Leader and a (SA) Squad Assistant.  During practice, you get to work close with your squad members to learn Map Callouts and tactics that will help with alerting your squad to the location of enemies and/or objective targets.  Also, we don’t focus on KDR (Kill/Death Ratio) and SPM (Score Per Minute) as our goal is to work together as a community to help everyone become better in game.


-Earn Medals/Ribbons/Awards: No matter what game you play from the list above, you are able to earn special awards, medals, and ribbons! These awards are achievements that are completed by progressing as a team and/or completing skilled achievements in game.


-Family Oriented: All of us here at Shadow Company are family.  We realize that real life issues do happen and that is okay.  You will not be penalized for not showing up to practice as long as you let the Squad Leader know that you will need to step away.  As a family, we will always support out members that need to address issues outside of the gaming world.


If interested in signing up please visit, and be sure to let them know that Kakashi897 sent you.


Thank you and see you in game!

team solid s

7th Oct 2018 - 1:19am

Hi there we are a fortnite and were starting up a cod team and we seen your page and we thought you were perfect for our comp team and you in luck because were just looking for a comp player at the moment join our discord we would love to see ya there



22nd Sep 2018 - 5:19am

Hey I’m putting a black ops 4 competitive roster together for black ops 4 upcoming clans/league play we use discord msg me back if interested #Competitive #TryHard #Experienced #SemiPro #NA