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[MPN] Merciless Pros Network is Recruiting New Members! (Xbox One)

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The Merciless Pros Network is recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization and is therefore permitted to carry the official CNOP Seal of Approval. We are very proud to be recognized by the Central Outpost which has been a headquarters for gamers to find specific clans/communities based on the games and consoles they play. Central Outpost (CNOP) has been helping the gaming community since 2000, so we are honored to be recognized by such a great organization.


Here are some reasons why you should consider joining MPN if you haven't already:

  • You will get to meet and make friends with gamers from all around the globe.
  • We have an awesome, member moderated website for all members to use to interact with the community.
  • We have a variety of different game-nights and gaming tournaments for members to participate in with prizes.
  • Feel the pride in ranking up within our community through our military based rank progression system.
  • We share fun member created game content, such as Twitch streams on our website around the community.
  • We host weekly community wide meetings on Xbox Live and on Discord.


Here are some positions in the community that we are searching for. If any of these areas interest you then feel free to sign up to join us:

  • Casual & Competitive Gamers to join our mulitple offered gaming divisions.
  • Graphics Artists
  • Media Editors
  • Twitch/Mixer Streamers
  • Experienced Community Leaders
  • Social Media Directors


The best way to contact us to join our community is by visiting and filling out a brief application to join. You can also direct message any of our social media platforms by clicking the links below.









16th Sep 2018 - 3:51pm

If you are looking for a great group that you can login to your Xbox and have an invite waiting to play any game of your choice or to just hangout in a party chat to avoid all the disruption that game chat brings, then look no further than the Merciless Pros Network. MPN has been around since 2010, and the leadership has over 10+ years of gaming community experience. Meet and have the opportunity to make friends from all around the globe by joining our community. With over 100 members we have a vast variety of games to choose from and even more that are played randomly. We have squads for Call of Duty, Destiny, Battlefield, PuBG, Fortnite, Halo, Rainbow Six Siege ready for you to join and as an added bonus if you are also a PC gamer we have groups that play WoW, CSGO, and even iRacing that you can join up with. If you are interested in joining a group that is well organized with a professional website included for all members to use including it's own Forums for community-wide conversations then the Merciless Pros Network is definitely for you. Check us out online or feel free to message MPN EVOLUTION on Xbox Live to get started today!



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16th Sep 2018 - 12:44am

The Battlefield V BETA was all last weekend, Call of Duty's Black Ops 4's Blackout BETA is this weekend along with the release of Destiny 2's newest Raid, the Last Wish and there is a ton of great new content and games coming in the near future! It has been a busy couple of weeks for the MPN Gaming Community and we are only getting started with our rush. You can find us all around on games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny 2, Halo, PuBG, Fortnite, Rainbow Six, WoW, CSGO, and much more! We are pumped for all the new games coming out this season and are already looking for new members to join us in prep for the game releases coming soon. If you are interested in joining a gaming community to meet and make friends with gamers from all around the globe then MPNLIVE.NET is definitely the place you want to join. Fill out a short application on our website to join or message MPN EVOLUTION on Xbox Live for more information. We hope to hear from you soon!