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Looking for a competitive clan



26th Dec 2019 - 4:49pm

Hello there! I saw your profile and i knew you would be a perfect fit for our clan! We are Y3, and we are aiming to have members from every console and platform, and a wide range of games. You can join our discord server (which is linked below) and join our team!! We hope to hear back from you, as we are aiming to have lots of players from Overwatch and Apex Legends!


14th Dec 2019 - 2:59pm

AØC's Gaming Division is in the formation process, recruiting and drafting their teams. We're an agency that has competitive teams for a lot of games.
The gaming division also has a variation of roles, depending on your skills and commitment:

- Editors: The artist, working with teams or players, in groups and 1 on 1, helping with any art and advertisement aspect of gaming.

-Managers: Backbone of the team that helps it run smoothly. Have to know things about the game, creates the schedule for the team, when practices, games, meetings, etc are.

-Team Captains: Head of the team that leads the players in game and outside of the game. Has to be a leader, confident, advanced gaming skills, as well as work with the manager to run the team.

-Extra Gamers: Gamers that are currently not working or playing with a team, but can belong to a team, so when a player is absence can step in. Used a a valuable asset in games as a 'wild card'. Can also be busy setting up other gaming teams, or working behind the scenes, making sure all of this is possible. (More laid back)

-Gamers: Working and playing competitively, elite players that are hand picked by captains to play on the team. Must work well with others, be able to step up to a challenge and always want to improve, being the reason we win games and keep competing, each one adding they're own special qualities to their team.(edited)

We also help launch individual gamers, as well as each individual team. Gaming teams are super competitive, with the goal of becoming the best. What it is to be on a team: There are team meetings, stats, strategies, team practices each game has a team with a: Team Captain, players, manager. The manager sets up meetings and schedules, helps the gamers with anything they need; Ex: Hw, personal stuff, etc. The team captains hand pick the gamers for their team from a plethora of profiles,helping create an elite team from the start of the process.

Our Mission: To help advance and launch each individual player, but also create invincible, fun, and ambitious teams to become the best.

You are being invited to join and to apply as a team captain. Check out our hub for more information: