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Collusion Gaming

Listing Information

Hello everyone I'm Bravo the owner of Collusion Gaming.
You've probably never heard of me or Collusion, but that's because we are a brand new clan.
We already have the Discord setup, we are in the works of a ranking system, and we are looking for new recruits.
This clan was made a week ago, but we didn't post anything on/about it until now.
But there are requirements for people to join that being:
>You must be 15 years or older to join
>You must play on either Xbox, Ps4, or PC
>You must be playing one of the listed games
>You must play on Na East, Na West, or EU.
>And you must be looking forward to joining a brand new clan
( that meaning, we might not have a lot of people, and you should still be willing to join)

If you think you wanna join
Please join the Discord and fill the application out: