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Looking for a great team with $5k earnings from console watch

Listing Information

Hi, my name is Lucas or Denji, you can call me whatever, and I am a 15 year old gamer trying to go pro and become an eSport athlete. I consider myself to be a semiprofessional pro player but I want a very inviting, family friendly, kind, active, non-toxic team to be apart of. I will also consider joining a community, but you will have to motivate me to be active in a large community (large community is 1k + members, this doesn't include any teams. I play on the Xbox One S and my gaming PC. The games I play are: Overwatch, Fortnite (trying to get better), Minecraft, COD BO3, Terraria, and TF2. On Xbox Overwatch, I have made over $5,000 from playing in tournaments, but $0 from Fortnite since I am horrible. I am also a graphic designer and would be willing to join a team as one as well.

Let me know if you are interested in interviewing/trying me out for your team!

Contact Me:
Email: [email protected]
Discord: Denji#8413
Twitter: DenjiaDragon