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Apex Legends Competitve

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Hello fellow gamers,

I'm MiniKaoma and LOVE to play fortnite... Hahahahaha just kidding I like to playing Apex Legends.

I'm a Pathfinder main with 6500+ kills and 350+ Wins with him alone also I'm dia 4 only 3 weeks. I'm a European PS4 player.

I'm searching for eSports teams, with a mature clan who can have fun. I even want to do tryouts and all what's needed. Also the team need to have a group already. With them I want to do competitive (like scrims and other competitions)

Kind regards,




22nd Aug 2019 - 11:17am

were looking for very competitive members. we have scrims kill races and tourneys all the time. we use discord and have fairly strict performance standards during tryouts. you either have to put up 10+ kills or 1500+dmg at some point in a tryout session with a recruiter. let me know if you're interested.

this site is rough to keep in touch with so i set up a temporary discord server so you can get in touch with me.