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21st Aug 2019 - 1:16am

Hi, we are very intrigued by your stats and would be ecstatic over you being on of our members. We see that you have a,out of potential and will grow very quickly and joining us that could happen. Please take this offer into consideration and write back to us!

Team Vixxy

4th Aug 2019 - 3:00pm

Hey there, we are a new and upcoming pro clan and we would like you to join our discord where you will be able to try out against our members. We expect you to have at least 200 wins and you have over 3000 points in arena. Our discord link is

Team XST

1st Aug 2019 - 9:09pm

We would love to have you in our proffesional clan. Just search Team XST and join our discord and we need to see you post a montage with #XSTRC and we will let you know

Thank you

Yours Sincerely 


Aether Yoish

25th Jul 2019 - 9:31am

Hi Storm we are Aether Gaming we are an English clan from the EU and the USA we need more players like you we would like it if you joined our clan and we are partnerd with Soryu another clan


23rd Jul 2019 - 7:58pm

We are a growing clan right now and if you looking to meet other gamers and join our clan of gaming then we would love to have you, are you part of a clan already or still looking?