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SFM Thumbnail, logo, etc. artist looking to join a clan!


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Hey! I'm Mazo!

I'm just a small weeb boy that is looking to make SFM art for a clan.

I work for free currently. HMU on Discord mazo#4412 or just comment!

Here's some examples of my work ------>

BTW I don't only do Fortnite, I've just only been doing Fortnite because of my old Clan, which I left.



19th Jul 2019 - 8:37pm
Hi Mazo! I’m Z33PS a leader in a community called VORSOC. Can I ask how old you are as well as, if you’re interested in leading our PC division? We have an odd 400 members or so but need assistance on the PC side of things.


21st Jul 2019 - 3:34am

You sure you can't make an exception for me? I'm really trying to get out of my current Clan because I'm being treated like shit there but I'm able to do SFM work for them so that's why I haven't just left.