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Looking for a Clan

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Howdy Im looking for a low populated (Around 10-30 members) clan but a serious one also.

I mainly play R6S, Fortnite, and BO4, but change games sometimes.

I only play on PS4

If you want more info the just ask me on discord n instagram

If you would like to contact me my discord is SkyTheGuy#6348

Or Contact me on Insta @Write_Something_Here



28th Jun 2019 - 11:14pm


We're interested. We are a new small team of elite Fortnite players. We are focused on having fun in a small and non-toxic environment. We are recruiting a team of 25 individuals.

Join our discord if you are interested:

Thanks for reading!




Detect Death

25th Jun 2019 - 4:56am

Hey man if your still interested I'd love to have you in Detect Inc. were a little bigger then your preference but the PS4 chapter is just starting out so it would be perfect for you 

Contact me on discord

Death Death#7562


24th Jun 2019 - 1:42am

Hello this is TSE.863Buildz and I would like to invite you into are newly developing clan. TSE has a lot of promise in the future. Are goals are very optimistic and we would love to have you along for the journey we are looking to get into many games. We are trying to have a competitive fortnite clan. We are also taking steps to add games as requested we have games such as Mincraft and fortnite for the moment and are willing to grow. We thank you with acknowledging this message and you can see our discord server anytime if your interested.


18th Jun 2019 - 9:45pm

Hey there!

I'd love for you to represent GGXR! We are a relatively new clan based around players helping each other to improve while having fun! Currently we are focusing on Fortnite.


-Alex (J4c3_h YT in game)