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17+ Members wanted!

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We are Team Savage! Looking for more mature members as we have our young members already! We are a small clan consisting of 13 members but are looking to grow and help each other as a family! We accept average and above players! Your stats don’t matter but to become better is the key and we do encourage to participate in arena but it is not recommended! For more info check the socials and reach out to us!

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Team SVGE

Instagram: officialteamSVGE

Twitter: OffTeamSVGE



13th Jun 2019 - 5:01am

Hello, my name is Adon.

I am currently looking into join this SVGE clan for fortnite. Love arena, and I currently am sitting at (270) points. I have been going solo all of the time, and it gets a bit lonely so I was considering looking for a clan. I really am looking forward to be accepted to join this clan, and I am sure it can work out well.

Also I am an (East) player so just keep that in mind.