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Looking for a Clan

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I'm looking for a sorta competitive clan. About me I'm a sorta laid back person that is casual and times and competitive at other times, my friends say i'm really good but you can decide that, when I get nervous I usually end up going potato/bot mode, sometimes I usually play  "Like a soccer skin" XD but I play "like a default or potato" sometimes . My preference of a clan is about 10-40ish  people since I would like to make videos about the people in the clan (also I don't want to join a huge +50 person clan) also if someone is toxic I would probably leave so plz no toxic people, My preference of a name is good enough to put into at least 4 letters (EXAMPLE Legend/LGND) . Got any questions? Then Text me on insta @Write_Something_Here.


Detect Death

25th Jun 2019 - 4:49am

Hey if your still interested in a clan, please contact me on discord:

Detect Death#7562

I'm the new manager for PS4 and it'd be fun to have you along for the ride 


19th Jun 2019 - 8:13pm

Hey there!

I'd love to see you represent GGXR! We are a relatively new clan with only 3 members so far, we are based around player improvement so stats don't matter! It's fun before stats!

I've messaged you on instagram!

You can join our discord and chat here:

You can check out our roster or fill out the application at the bottom:
Alex (J4c3_h YT ingame)

Graphix Rift

26th May 2019 - 6:04am

Hi I am Graphix Rift, the owner of the Graphix clan. I am interested in giving you the opportunity to try out for my fortnite clan. We currently have 10 members and are still growing. We want to have PS4 players in our clan alongside our Xbox roster. Please Direct Message me on Instagram @graphix_rift or on Twitter @GraphixRift if you are interested. The choice is yours. 

Double Danger

25th May 2019 - 4:33pm

Hey dude! I saw that you don't want to join a big clan, and I think my clan is the one for you. Unfortunately, we only have 3 members in our clan and you would be the 4th, if you decide to join. Our clan is called Vorain Gaming. We just started out this past week. I am looking to recruit new people so eventually our clan will get to your preference of around 10-40 people. If you have any questions at all, you can join our discord here: (remember, our clan just started out so if you want to be apart of a growing clan, join us :D)