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I am looking for a Clan


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Hello I am interested in being a coach for an Overwatch team for anything or be a player for a team.
I am a flex player and can play just about anyone and I am willing to play very competitive. My timezone is NA EST on Xbox. Average peak sr: 2.2k.
I am willing to coach for a team that is Mid-Plat and lower or any sr if needed. I have lots of experience on different heros being a flex player and can help with team comps and review scrim games. Can help do VOD reviews for team and individuals and I am very open to help anyone out



22nd Feb 2019 - 6:12am

Ayoo! New clan just starting, its called 821. We are a fortnite clan trying to make a very supportive community (twitch, youtube etc). If that sounds like something you're interested JOIN ON UP FAM: