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Whether you are tired of solo play, or you just want to be part of something greater, Solid Supremacy reigns over the rest. We are fueled with passion, creativity, and ambition. Within Solid Supremacy, you can evolve yourself and be part of the feats we accomplish every day. What are you waiting for?


Requirements to join Solid Supremacy:

- Discord 

- This is an EU clan on any platform.

- Must be good at the game

- Must be interactive. If not in game then on the Solid Supremacy Discord server.

- We encourage you to switch over and play on the Eu server as we are an EU clan, but house many NA members.

- A working mic is heavily encouraged as it'll be your gateway to a stress free raid.

- Respectfulness, Patience, Friendliness and accepting of others.

How to Join:
1) Up vote this post

2) Join the Discord: