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Top 10 Clans - January 2024

Top 10 Clans - January 2024

1st Feb 2024 - 12:32am

This is the the official Looking For Clan top 10 clans list for January 2024.

Congratulations to last month's top clans:

League: All Clans

  1. StarFleet (64 Votes)
  2. Winter Clan (56 Votes)
  3. Fate Gaming LLC (35 Votes)
  4. Merciless Pros Network (18 Votes)
  5. [RS] Rogue Soldiers Clan | Online Gaming Community (12 Votes)
  6. Team Bionic (4 Votes)
  7. MYTHRIL: The Premier Gaming Community for Adults [18+|NA|PC] (4 Votes)
  8. Scapio (4 Votes)
  9. HEXIS GAMING (3 Votes)
  10. The {un}Known (3 Votes)

League: Small Clans

  1. Scapio (4 Votes)
  2. HEXIS GAMING (3 Votes)
  3. The {un}Known (3 Votes)
  4. BoLD Clan (2 Votes)
  5. Together We Own (2 Votes)

League: Medium Clans

  1. StarFleet (64 Votes)
  2. Merciless Pros Network (18 Votes)
  3. [RS] Rogue Soldiers Clan | Online Gaming Community (12 Votes)
  4. Team Bionic (4 Votes)
  5. MYTHRIL: The Premier Gaming Community for Adults [18+|NA|PC] (4 Votes)

League: Large Clans

  1. Winter Clan (56 Votes)
  2. Fate Gaming LLC (35 Votes)
  3. United We Stand Gaming Community (1 Votes)
  4. United We Stand (1 Votes)
  5. Unalive rockets (1 Votes)

The vote count has been reset. Start promoting your clan today and earn votes for this month's top clans league.




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