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How to Promote Your Clan

How to Promote Your Clan

18th Nov 2020 - 9:00am

You might have already seen our guide on how to start a new clan. This covers the basics of getting yourself off the ground with an online presence, branding, and recruiting your first members.

But what about the next steps? How do you become that buzzing clan with hundreds of active members? In this article, we'll cover the methods proven to drive new recruits to your clan.

Simple Sign Up

Think about the hurdles players most overcome to sign up to your clan. Do they have to complete a lengthy application form? Are you asking them a million questions on entry?

Make sure your sign up process is as simple as it can possibly be. Don't ask unnecessary questions and get people into your community as quickly as possible once the join link is clicked.

We've found a simple Discord invite is often the fastest way of finding new members. They can instantly join your community with one click, and start chatting to your members.

If you're keen to moderate who can enter your clan, Discord can be configured with roles. Create a "New Recruit" role to which new members are automatically assigned to. From here, you can restrict their access to a few specific channels until they are officially approved.

In summary, don't put your clan behind a barrier. Let players join with one click, and if you really need to review/approve, do this after a player has joined your discord. Never before.

Reddit Posts

Reddit is another great place to start. There are hundreds of dedicated subreddits out there for clan recruitment and gaming. Posting in these can boost your recruitment.

Choosing the right subreddit to post in is key. Think about the games your clan plays, and find a suitable audience. Often there are subreddits dedicated to specific games. Where possible, include a link to your online home (discord) in the post.

Keep the wording simple and concise. Cover the following points for best results:

  • Provide a short mission statement in a sentence or two.
  • Are you a casual/competitive clan?
  • Name the games you play.
  • Let them know you're friendly and welcoming.
  • Provide a link to your discord.

Be sure to read the rules/terms of each subreddit to make sure your post does not break any rules.

Official Forum Posts

Most modern gaming titles have an official website/forum online. Similar to Reddit, be sure to post about your clan on these official sites. The same rules apply. Make it personal and be sure to include the relevant information listed above.

Don't Spam

While mentioned above, this point really deserves its own section. Don't spam. Period.

It's easy to fall into the habit of creating one perfect post, and spamming it in as many places as possible across the internet. Instead, tailor your posts to each subreddit/forum to make it more personal. People can tell when a post is a simple copy/paste job and this may harm your recruitment chances.

A more personal approach is always the best. Tailor each post to match the target audience.

Streaming / Content

Stream your clan gaming sessions for the world to see. Ideally, make this public on popular streaming platforms like Twitch or Youtube. Be sure to include details on how to join in your video description.

Be aware that your session is being streamed. Talk directly to viewers whenever you can and be sure to raise awareness of recruitment and your discord at regular intervals. For the more pro streamers out there, including an overlay for your streamed content which includes the discord URL will help.

With the right setup, streaming can be frictionless with hardly any setup time required at all.

Personal Invitations

When playing online, you'll frequently be matched with new players. If you've particularly enjoyed a game with a fellow player, ping them an invite either in-game or add them as a friend on discord.

From here, you can invite them to clan gaming sessions, and ultimately ask if they'd like to join your community. These types of invites are so much more personal as they don't appear out of the blue. You have a genuine rapport with these players and the invite appears much more personal.

This point goes beyond clan leaders. Make it known you're actively recruiting and your members may do the same.

Member Incentives

Platforms like discord often provide personal invite links. These allow you to track how many players and friends each members has invited to the discord and your clan.

Where possible, provide incentives to encourage your members to pro-actively help with recruitment. Bonuses for recruiting players could include:

  • Access to special "Recruiter" rank.
  • Access to special discord channels.
  • Highlighting these contributors in your clan announcements.

Discord Invites

Clan Merging

A less common approach but worth considering. There are many clans out there fighting for the attention of new recruits. Consider merging your clan with another that shares the same interests/games. Invite a fellow clan to join your own and propose an agreement that suits both clan leaders.

LFC Profile

As you're already here, we'll assume you're aware of our website. Creating a clan profile here can really boost your online presence. We receive thousands of new visitors each day searching for a new clan. A prominent profile on our site will direct some of these visitors to your clan.

Paid Advertising

Perhaps not suitable for all clans. But if you can afford it, investing a small amount in advertising/sponsorship is a good way to go. This could be in the form of:

  • Video sponsorship.
  • Shoutouts from Streamers.
  • Custom campaigns with clan/gaming related websites.

At Looking For Clan, we do offer sponsorship packages should you wish to explore them.

Note, we may revise this article from time to time with the latest tips and suggestions.