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Developers Blog: General Update

Developers Blog: General Update

5th Oct 2018 - 1:04pm

Hey all! And welcome to another edition of Developers Blog.

Today I'll be running through all the recent updates/changes made to the site, as well as giving you a glimpse into what's to come late 2018.

Recent Updates

  • Players now have the ability to delete their own comments.
  • Design refresh. Minor changes to the UI, colours, etc.
  • Clan owners can now add a separate Discord link to their profiles.
  • Several new gaming titles have been added to the database, old and new.

In The Works

Many of you likely noticed the top clans reset never happened. Due to popular demand, the reset has been postponed until we can make voting easier and simpler for your clan members. Ideas floating around included:

  • One-click voting links you can share with your clan members via Discord etc.
  • Anonymous voting (with CAPTCHA) to make voting more accessible to the general public.

We're also trialling a clan invites tool which will allow clan leaders to view any Player Listing and ping them a clan invite that will show up as notification in the top-right.

More updates for you all soon! Things are shaping up nicely and we're well on our way to becoming one of the largest clan communities of all time.

Thanks again for all your support. You guys are awesome.