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Pyramid Gaming

Mission Statement


Welcome To Pyramid Gaming

We are currently playing Modern Warfare 3 and Diablo 4.

We’re a causal cross play gaming community offering a safe and fun environment. Opportunity to help grow a server and shape it to your vision along with ours.

  • Ancient Egyptian COMMUNITY THEME.
  • KUDOS rewards program with giveaways.
  • Cross play community GAME NIGHTS. 
  • Community SUPPORT within the server.




Clan Upvotes



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17th Oct 2023 - 2:19pm

Yo PG peeps, keen to join. I'm a boring 41 year old gamer Dad, only play a few games including BF2042, and Rocket League. Have dabbled in D4 and happy to play this as well. My fave is BF2042 by far. 

BF2042 wise: Am level S091 and a good all round player that can jump in with any class / weapon as the Round requires, I also specialise with Boris, vehicles (especially tanks, and Wildcats).