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Freedom Gaming

Mission Statement

Recruiting for Members Now! New Community to Grow!


Freedom Gaming is about Freedom of Voice, Cultures and Games. We do not criticize, make comments or frown upon anyone based on their religion, race, sexuality. We are an open community to people from different backgrounds, we welcome gamers from all platforms and age groups.

We used to be a large based member community but started fresh on a new server under a new name but came to realise that it was not working. So we decided to restart with a different style. We are open to anyone given that everyone remains toxic free. We are built as a casual community but we do expect some people to be a tad competitive.

Our Mission is to provide a safe and friendly place for our members and to also bring in outcast people from other communities. We aim to give people from all places, platforms and games a place to find others to game with without having the worry of being frowned upon or seen as useless, all our members are important to us. 

There are no Tryouts and there is no point in asking. If you are caught under the age of 13 we will also report your account to Discord Abuse.


Freedom Leaders

- The Server and Community Owners

Freedom Admins

- The Server and Community Moderators

Freedom Members

- Placed Members 

Freedom Gamers

- Community Newcomers

Freedom Affiliates

- Other Affiliated Community Leaders


What is Guilds?

So what we use guilds for is so that there are groups within the community that are normally friend groups but can also invite or recruit people into their guild. The intention for this is so that people can have a place to go instead of building their own server, guilds get their own named role and category with text, voice or announcement channels within.

We encourage small clans of friends to use this service, because of this there is no rule on multiclanning but poaching is not allowed.

When you join our server and intend to open a guild with us then contact an admin.



Clan Upvotes

Games Played



12th Mar 2021 - 12:55am

Hey I play Cold War and rocket league, I’m a streamer, I’m plat 3 in everything in rocket league pretty much and cod my k/d is a 1.4


9th Mar 2021 - 7:27am

hey i would like to join I play play Fortnite and league of legends Yes  I'm a girl. Yes I'm a gamer. play on pc and ps4