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Order Of Tri Queens (Girls Squad)

Mission Statement

Welcome to the "Order Of Tri Queens™"

(Members Must be 18+ girls to join OTQ or you can Join OTK (Order of Tri Kings))

Join the Main Clan CLICK HERE ---> Order of Tri Kings<---


We are the "Order of Tri Queens" a North America and the United Kingdom Clan. Founded on September 27th as a branch created for the girls in the gaming community Order of Tri Kings. Started by a small group of girls that are part of the Order of Tri Kings. Our goal is to grow our numbers with girls from all around and dominate the gaming world. The Creators of Order of Tri kings agreed to work side by side in making a safe and enjoyable community for other adult gamers to come together after work and just enjoy gaming. OTQ is unlike any other community gaining respect and support from gamers as equal. Away from the harassment of the harsh gaming world. Our member count is lower than normal communities are because we interview each individual over voice chat. This is our first step to guarantee the safety of our members. If you wish to no conduct an interview after requesting to join Order of Tri Queens. Access to the entire community of Order of Tri Kings and affiliate groups will be denied to guarantee the safety of our members. This includes but not limited to the esports teams, the main server OrderOfTriKings, and any other server or event managed by OTK and or OTQ. We take the safety and well being of all our members serious

The entire community is run in a professional manner with staff that is trusted by all members and has been placed in the honor of staff role by showing dedication and growth in the right direction. Every staff member across the community is held to high standards of respect and must demonstrate it over an extensive timeframe and is evaluated often on their performance of hospitality, and proper treatment of each member. Our staff earns their position. 

By Joining the Order of Tri Queens You can guarantee respect, honor, enjoyment, and safety more than any other community that is dedicated to girl gamers. OTQ members are looked at as members of Order of Tri Kings with extra Perks of having their own private channel and their own discount at certain vendors, and private events just for their members. 


Apply Here: E-Sport

Most Popular Games
  • Call of DutyWarzone
  • Call of Duty Cold War
  • Fortnite
  • Rocket League
  • Minecraft


  • Esports/Competitive
  • Streamers/Content Creators
  • Designers

What We Offer

  • Stream Announcements
  • Clan Twitch Page
  • Merch Store
  • PC Building/ Tech Support
  • PodCast
  • Discount at Clan Sponsors
  • Call of Duty Development League

If you wish to join please follow these basic steps

  1. Join our Discord server. Follow the entry questions on the Server.
  2. Conduct a Voice Chat interview to learn about you and for you to learn about us
  3. We are not looking to grow in numbers but to grow in quality.


  • Must use Discord
  • Must conduct an entry interview with one of the heads
  • Must be at least 18 years or older. (No Exceptions)
  • Must enjoy gaming regardless of your skill level
  • Must Speak English


We are part of a larger clan the Order Of Tri Kings. Guys that wish to join the clan will only be part of the "Order of Tri Kings". Any girl gamers will have the option to join OTK and OTQ.




Clan Upvotes

Games Played



3rd Feb 2021 - 5:14pm

Anyone is welcome to apply and go through our interview section. We are looking for dedicated individuals that just want to enjoy gaming. We have different areas for other members to be part of the Order of Tri Kings and Order of Tri Queens. The only main requirement is to be of age. This is not for maturity because even adults can be immature and enjoyable. This is more for understanding how it feels to be an adult, So if there is a conversation on taxes or Jobs we can have a conservation with every about it and everyone understands the frustration.