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MTX Gaming

Mission Statement

Effective August 25th, 2023, MTX Gaming has closed to the general public.  For current members, if you need to join on a new account, please reach out to BlazE on Twitter (@TheNameIsBlazE) or on YouTube (@ChroniCBlazE).  Thank you so much for the last four AMAZING years here at MTX Gaming.  We have all had so much fun here and wouldn't trade the world for this.  Thank you all again and wishing all of you the best in the future!
      - BlazE and WildCrafters



Welcome to MTX Gaming, a gaming community all about having fun and enjoying video games! 

Currently, we are recruiting...

Primary Divisions:

  • Fortnite Players (Casual)
  • Rocket League Players (Casual)
  • Rocket League Competitive Players (NA-East, NA-West, Europe, Middle East/North Africa, and South America)
  • Minecraft Players (Casual)

If you don't play any of the games above but still would like to join, that's totally fine!  Other Secondary Divisions in MTX include Mario Games, Overwatch 2, Sports Games, Racing Games, Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty, CS:GO, Apex Legends, Valorant, Roblox, and Among Us.  However, these expansions are less active than our Primary Divisons.

If you're from another clan and interested in a scrim/clan battle, feel free to join our discord and let us know.  We're always down to scrim, especially for Rocket League.

How does one join the clan
To join the clan, react with the roles that you want in #apply-here on our discord server!

Here are some rules that you have to follow in order to be a member of MTX Gaming:

To concide with Discord's ToS, you must be 13 years of age or older to join the community.  However, based on language that may be used, we do not recommend joining the server until 15 years of age.

LIGHT swearing is allowed, but NEVER in a way to offend anyone.
- Consequences depend on severity.

No inappropriate or offensive language.
- Warning, then ban.

Any racism, sexism, derogatory behavior, discrimination, NSFW content, or talk of hate is strictly prohibited.
- Automatic ban.

 Do not ask us to read your application/Do not ask for a tryout
- If you submitted an application, we will see it.  Please be patient, as it may take us some time to see your application.

 Use the correct channels.
- For example, self-promotion belongs in #self-promotion .

 You have to speak English
- If your English isn’t the best, that’s totally fine.  You have to know enough to have a basic conversation with someone.

Do not ask for roles
- You can find out what roles you can apply for in #roles .

Alt accounts are not allowed
- Your alt account will be kicked if done once.  If done a second time, your main and alt account will be banned.  (if you are having issues with your main account and want to add an alt to the server contact BlazE or WildCrafters)

 No spamming
- Warning, then ban.

 No impersonating
- Automatic ban.

Don’t annoy others
- Warning, then ban.

Do not ask to play on other people’s accounts
- Warning, then ban (MTX Gaming is not responsible for lost or stolen accounts. Never give your account details to anyone!)

Don’t be mean to others/no being toxic
- Automatic ban.

Do not tag @.everyone or 
- Warning, then ban

Do not XP farm
 - Warning, then ban

Do not use more than 20 emojis in a message
- Warning, then kick

Do not get into arguments with other MTX Gaming members
- For the first two arguments, you will be given a 12 hour temp mute.  The third time, you will be permanently banned.

Follow all rules that are listed in #status and #tournaments.
- The consequences for breaking those rules are stated in their channels.

- If you wouldn’t say it, never type it.

The server rules are slightly updated often.  For updated rules, please see #rules on our Discord server.

We hope you enjoy!

- MTX Gaming Team

Community Logo made by BlazE
Banner art made by Koegawa





15th Oct 2020 - 3:55pm

I am not sure what you are refering to.  You do not have to post anything with #ItsTime4MTX.  Each of the hashtags that are stated in the clan description are channels in MTX Gaming's Discord server.  In order to join MTX Gaming, you have to join the Discord server.


17th Jul 2020 - 5:59am

Hey, Just wondering, because Xbox One is listed in your platforms, does that mean PC with Xbox app?

I am a Xbox One player, and it would be a bit inconvenient to be using my laptop to run discord while playing on my xbox.