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Ogic Clan

Mission Statement

For the New Season!

We are Ógic!

Ógic clan is a team of esports that has been evolving every day, valuing the passion for games, respect and loyalty of its members. Over time we will conquer a space in the competitive scenario of esports, but for this we need your dedication and love so that together we can conquer the world.

We are not just looking for players, but honest and fun people to join our family. We do not tolerate toxic and immature people.

We need players who really want to take Ógic to the limit of its greatness and thus surpass it.

We are a family, we always support each other.

Ógic lineup

Players from Fortnite in Norway and Brazil.

Starting with a COD MW lineup in Brazil.

We dream of expanding to the whole world with new lineups in other games.


We are looking for:


Casual players: (Fortnite; Rocket League; CSGO; COD MW; DOTA2)


Competitive players: (Fortnite; COD MW)


Our channel:



Active leaders willing to help whatever the problem!

Contact me at discord to join the clan: guibeN #6185 or send us direct on Instagram @ogicclan




17th Aug 2019 - 1:28am

Yeah, but my name on fort It's NotKaguya, Can you re send the friend request please, sorry for respond now but I forgot my password of this site ahah lol


30th Jul 2019 - 10:29pm

Hi i'm an italian player , division 7 , I play on ps4 , I want to join this team, I can do in my possibility to grind with this team, I can play tournaments and other competitive things for this team , if I can contact you ( obviously if you want me) 

Thank and good day :)