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AfterLyfe Gaming

Mission Statement

  • About Us

AfterLyfe Gaming is a Gaming community like no other! We are focused around bringing together all games from all walks of life! We offer a lot of thing's from, Helping new streamers get their feet wet and build their fan base, We also have competitive teams and a manager that helps new teams get entered into tournaments! Our Goal is to make sure no one is left out, Everyone should be welcomed into a toxic free community! So don't hesitate to join our Discord


  • Weekly Giveaway's
  • In House Tournament's                   
  • Multiple Community Tournament's

​​​        Sponsors:     We offer a few sponsor's and affiliated company's to help our community grow and expand, Also allowing our streamers to have a profesional look and someone to help back them in there fight to grown and be stable in the streaming community! Here is a list of those sponsors

  • FadeGrips
  • ​​​​​​Rogue Energy
  • Game Fly
  • OP Seats

          Rule's:  We have just a few rules here at AfterLyfe Gaming, Here is a list of those rule's.

  • Rule #1: There will be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it come to Racism, Sexist Remarks, Sexual Harassment ETC.. 
  • Rule #2  There will be no trolling inside the community! Do not instigate someone who is clearly having a problem.
  • Rule #3  There will be ZERO tolerance for Poaching, Recruiting "For other communities or clans" or Being in multiple communities!.
  • Rule #4  We have a strict 14+ age limit, with some statues of limitations "If you are 3 Months or less of turning 14 you can get a waiver of age under the discretion of the Processing Manager".
  • Rule #5  You will respect all members of the Council or Staff! |
  • Rule #6  Must have a mic
  • Rule #7  And last but not least HAVE FUN <3!

  • How to join: To join you will join the discord server, Once done you will get a message via Discord bot in DM. You will follow instructions and change your name like the directions say. 

    Merch: Here is just a few of the awesome ESL style merch you can get within the community and outside! Offered to all at



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16th Mar 2019 - 2:29pm

Hey, I would love to join this clan. I play on Xbox. I mainly play Battlefield 5. I’ve always wanted to be in a gaming clan. My username on Xbox is: BobbyPortisFan5


11th Mar 2019 - 10:30pm

Hey guys,  id like to join a clan however I do play on Oceania servers I hope that doesn't matter too much,  I play fortnite daily and have been since 2 weeks remaining of season 5.

My IGN is Chokzey you can find add me on epic and/or Xbox live as I am a console player. 


11th Mar 2019 - 3:30pm

Hello, I am someone who is looking to be apart of something more. I play games daily for hours on end. I’m on Xbox One and I play Cod Bo4. I love to play competitive games. I am very interested in joining this clan and would love to be apart of the clan. I do have a mic


6th Mar 2019 - 6:39pm

Hi. I am a profesional player and I am looking for team. I am playing Fortnite and I really wanna join. Also I am on PC and I have a mic...Message me on discord if Im in: Accurate_PtW


6th Mar 2019 - 4:09pm

Im interested in joining this clan for both Battlefield 1 game as well as APEX Legends. I play on xbox one and  have a mic. I mostly play at night starting around 9 or 10 EST on weekdays and weekends are random but always play at night after my kids go to sleep.


3rd Mar 2019 - 7:21pm

I would love join this clan. I've been on a good streaming grind, and would love to share my talents with a clan like this one. I'm All about the good vibes. 2019 I'm leaving all of my negative energy in 2018. Plus I dabble in stand up comedy so I know a thing or 2 about entertaining an audience. Thank you and have a great day.