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Team Verve

Mission Statement

   Welcome to Team Verve!

Here at Team Verve we offer a growing community and a competitive team that is currently on the rise. We are currently looking for players who are dedicated currently in Fortnite. Regarding social media's we have a youtube, a twitter, etc. If you are wanting to join, please join our discord server where direct contact with the team is most found. Once you have joined, please do not hesitate to ask for help. There, you will find a form that you MUST fill out before receiving a tryout. If you do not meet our requirements to join, please refrain from leaving negative attitude around our community/team. NOTE: If you did not receive a PM/DM from one of our staff within a 1 week span, this is an indication that you didn't not pass our standards.

     Thank you for reading the following, here are some links you may need to join our team!

Discord :


Youtube :


Twitter : N/A (Reviewing in the future)

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2nd Apr 2019 - 5:07pm

Wouldn't mind trying out if that's ok, my current fortnite stats are decent. My season 8 KD is only 2.0 because I've been playing scrims, which are actually fun!! Here's my full stats: Ja Ma


2nd Apr 2019 - 10:13am

Want To Join

Im a fairly good fortnite who wants to try and play more competitvely.

My xbox gamertag is StealZ x BooMer

My psn gamertag is Fable.NoSkin , i play fortnite on py ps4 , msg me on either


27th Feb 2019 - 5:28pm

i sent my application in, i hope i get accepted but i probably wont because i dont have 450 kills on my mains, but my excuse is because im going for the 20k damage badge, but hopefully the 27 kill puts up for it.


27th Feb 2019 - 5:14pm

Im pretty sure i hold the solo kill world record for xbox on apex legends, i dropped 27 kills solo and had over 4000 damage.


25th Feb 2019 - 1:46am

I would love to join Naga in search of getting better and be a competitive player. I play on PS4 and my psn is Space_Ace212


21st Feb 2019 - 4:03am

P.S.- Whenever I try to join the discord it doesn't allow me. Do you have a personal Discord Name and Number? So I can contact you? Thank you.

I am a 15-year-old mildly toxic I have +3k Kills 100+ wins My K/D and W/L is not the best but there's always room for improvement. I have been playing since the end of Season 1 and beginning of Season 2. 


9th Feb 2019 - 4:27pm

I am looking to tryout or be recruited to the Apex Legends side of the clan. I am a Level 37 so my map knowledge is crazy. I have 400+ kills and counting and 35 wins with about half of the wins coming with randoms so if I actually have a team then they ain’t no telling how much we’d dominate.


9th Feb 2019 - 3:32am

Heyy I’m looking to see if I can join this clan all I wanna say is that I’m very good at shooting games like Apex Legends and Fortnite with the aiming and shooting techniques I have… I’ve been playing fortnite since the first Fortnite nightmares event and I have all the twitch prime skins to verify that I have... Apex Legends is a really good game tbh and I wanna be a pro player and use my talent to become better thank you and hopefully you’ll accept me


30th Jan 2019 - 3:07am

Hey I would like to join your clan! I would be wonderful!





27th Jan 2019 - 2:47am

I Would like to join your clan I have talent and I am about to switch from ps4 to PC, the only way for me to show of my talent is put it in a clan


19th Jan 2019 - 8:01am

Hi! I'd like to join you're clan. I started in season 1 and quit until season 3. I'm not entirely down on building but I'm good at aiming.


9th Jan 2019 - 11:57am

Hey! Iwould like to join your clan ,but the Discord link expired,if possible,can you send us a new one?


Pinkos Clipz

1st Jan 2019 - 9:33pm

Hello I would like to be in your clan. I started Fortnite in season 2 but quit after a rough month. It was until the middle of season 4 that I started playing again. I can get 1-6 kills per game. I am a 10 year old girl but is decent. I play on Ps4. If I can get a chance to be in your clan add me @Pinkos Clipz or my psn which is @ToP_LoPanIzDaMan. Thank you!


19th Dec 2018 - 3:14pm

my PSN is goldscar9876 and EPIC GAMES is Spectence, I'm 12 years old (not toxic I promise) and trash at Fortnite, looking for a clan and to get better, KD: solo 0.30 duo 0.30 squad 0.56 ( I don't understand KD ratios is idk if this good enough

Korean Tryhard

17th Oct 2018 - 1:05pm

I am a 17 year old that loves to play games, and have been playing games since I was 4 years old. I live in Australian and play on OCE servers with 166 total wins and a KDR of 1.97, and decent at building, and I know my requirements are not up to scratch for competitive play but I would still like to try out for Competitive Fortnite play.  P.S my in game name is Korean Tryhard on the PC platform. Thanks


17th Oct 2018 - 2:19pm

Hi Korean Tryhard! Unfortunately, As our competitive is full tryouts will be closed as of now till someone gets kicked or removed out of our clan. It you wanna keep up to date be sure to join our discord and be constitently active to receive your very own role and have a better chance on making the team.


4th Oct 2018 - 5:23am

21 year old on NA East servers looking for competitive play on xbox. 500+ wins and 4.0 kd past two seasons. Xbox gamertag is J3WC3 hmu looking for some good players


6th Oct 2018 - 4:32pm

Hey there J3WC3, unfortunely joining our discord and filling out an application is your best go for a tryout into our clan. Otherwise, I cant do anything for you even tho you've got some slick stats!


28th Sep 2018 - 5:12pm

Hi im Seb I'm 13 I have a mic my psn is spark-a-lot I have 150+ wins and a kd of 2-2.5 im looking to become a competitive Fortnite player, could I do tryouts for a PS4 competitive player. Thanks 


20th Sep 2018 - 8:23pm

Add my PSN murdaxx447, looking to be a semi-competitive player for now, got enough to be competitive but I wanna start low.