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Zombie Gaming

Mission Statement

Hello there I am a past admin for Clan's, I am trying to make an eSports clan in the future and this is where to start Once you join the clan you will fill out a survey and will get try'd out, there are not much requirements certain roles will be granted for certain requirements. We are also looking for Staff/Chat Mods/Editor/GFX Designer's, If you do not get try'd out I am very sorry but please be patient with us, the requirements for the higher scale are 

   +1 kd
   +120 wins
   +1.5 weekly kd
   +Scrim Experience
   +12 years old
   +Keep active
   +Have a working mic/be understandable in English
   +Be willing to follow rules

After you are on discord we highly advise you to fill out a form to tryout and we will make try you out as soon as we can.We want most members active to contribute to the future of the clan

The Clan itself has a few roles depending on what the tryout helper thinks about what role you deserve

God     ( +1 win in 3 duo/squad games with atleast 10 kills )

Master    ( either of the things listed above )

Major    ( 74-86 )

Elite    ( 62-74 )

Average    ( 48-62 )

Casual    ( 1-48 )

Please notice once we start to grow it might get harder and slower to try you out and people will get lower ranks easier, Hope to see you in the discord!