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ZeRO Evidence

Mission Statement

ZeR0 Evidence was created, in 2020, we took a short intermission, and a factory reset, during the early months of 2022, we are a casual competitive clan, you must be 18+ older to join and become a -Zr0- member. We take pride in our teamwork, and ability to work with each other in many different situations. We are small, but we will grow as before. Stop by say hello you might like what you find. 


1) Respect, joking around is allowed however there will be no racism, sexism, or discrimination of any kind in this discord . Weather that be in a voice or text, if you witness such an act please nofity one of the @Founders or @Knights of the Grave immediately. 

2) -Zr0- tagged members take priortiy, if we have to create another channel for those who are vetted or those who just like to hang around, we can do that. 

3) RAGE! Raging happens, we get it everyone does it in their own way, and here at Zr0 we are no dcifferent, by all means rage, we kindly ask you to mute if you are a yeller or a slammer (RIPPER), we will ask you once more if it gets to a point where teamwork can no longer be established, 
then you will be moved to a different chanel until you are level headed. 

4) Teamwork is the founding block of this Clan, lonewolfing it may be required at times, but we simply ask that you use teamwork, when playing with a squad of members in this discord. 

5) -Zr0- members will join any in game platoon, clan, group, etc, if -ZrO- has a group within that game -Zr0- will be in it.

6) ZeR0 Evidence, is not a multiclan, meaning if you are a -Zr0-, you cant be in A0D, dZ, FaZe, OG, Mk, etc, however members of those communities are allowed in the -Zr0- Server. Poaching will not be torlerated, we will not ask members from other communites or clans to join, 
and they will not ask our members. 

7)  ZeR0 Evidence, is a 18+ clan however, maturity is held over age, if you cant be mature person, you will not last long in this server. 

8) Toxcitiy, will not be allowed, we are toxic by taking the win, tbaging is allowed to those who deservse it, no spawn camping, chivalry and honor wins the fight. 

9) Coms! If a you join a VC that is full, please wait before you speak to ensure youre not stepping on Coms. 

10) Lastly, we ask that you dont spam any channel most channels have a cooldown so it shouldn't be a issue, this is pretaining to any LFG and General, channels, wanna share stats we asked that you keep it in the Stats Channel. 




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