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Zero Degrees

Mission Statement

Zero Degrees is a home for every gamer out there. Our focus is to give a place for everyone out there. We have a welcoming community, And regularly host tournaments, and game events for our community and teams to take place in. We are Zero degrees, thanks for joining up with us!


One of our biggest perks is our community. We have multiple channels for you to talk, share memes or images, and make new friends and teamates. We have a voice channel for each game, and multiple hangout channels for our members to make use of!


Here at Zero° we provided multiple chances and opportunities for our members to create teams, join teams, and find people to play casually with! We have a solid siege team, an experienced csgo team, a strong apex squad, and a skilled valorant group. We're always recruiting new players, and new team leaders for different games (cod, warzone, etc). We are always open to messages asking to create a team here! As of now we support Siege, COD, Warzone, rocket league, valorant, CSGO, and apex legends, with many new titles to come!


We have multiple channels for our prospect streamers to make use of. Broadcast yourself to our growing community by sharing you streams and taking on some community events




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