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Xyst Esports

Mission Statement

If you’re just tired of playing solo, or you are just wanting to make new friends, Xyst esports is the place to go! Being apart of Xyst esports is something you won’t forget, Are You ready to be a part of us?


About Us:

Xyst was made in October 2019 and the proud founders are Lepti and VantiK, and is currently owned by Zed and Lohzy who work hard on the team to make it a great place. 



  •         Duo tournaments
  •         Creative Tournaments
  •         Scrims

We are creating many new games and will create more if enough people ask about it. 

If you are ready, click this link.





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28th Oct 2020 - 8:21pm

Hi im 16 and i play fortnite i was wondering if i could join and im wondering on how to go about joining

My name is GroupHomies on fortnite current lvl




7th Oct 2020 - 5:13pm

Can I please be unbanned from the server. I was a part of the R6S EU team but when i stopped playing the game i left. When i came back into the server and said that the server is a bit dead VantiK just banned me. I would like to see what the requierements for the csgo and valorant team are.


30th Aug 2020 - 5:47pm

i know its been a while since someone asked to be in your clan but i want to be in an esports team im 14 i can be a contant creator i can also be a pro player just plz this is the best esports team ive seen so far epic Claps Yt26

TTV Harvey_2006_

27th Jul 2020 - 3:56am

Can I please join I used to play PS4 until 2 months ago and now play PC. I mainly play Fortnite and  would say I'm decent bat it, just looking to be in a clan.


20th Jul 2020 - 11:11pm

hello i would like to join your clan i play R6 and i'm pretty good i got plat 2 and 3 several times and i would love to participate in scrims, tournaments and so on i love strats and am a support player i love thatcher, maverick, bandit, doc, lesion, and I hope to get an answer soon.  ps: my psn is RayZ_Scout005


18th Jul 2020 - 9:09am

Hello,I would like to join your clan for the following games :



3.Apex Legends

4.Hyper Scapes

Thank You , looking forward to join your clan



7th Jul 2020 - 2:42pm

Hello! I am looking for an Overwatch clan! I am 14 years old, and my discord is Enten #2300. I am not toxic, I play on the switch. My gmail is [email protected]. I would be happy to play for you.


18th Jun 2020 - 11:05am

Hey, I'm a good fortnite player and a streamer more than anything I'm not the worlds greatest but I think I would be beneficial to your clan my twitch username is Hydra_Cranks so if your interested have a look


20th May 2020 - 3:40pm

Hi, my name is Cooper. I am 14 years old and I am looking for a cool fortnite clan. I switched from controller to keyboard and mouse recently and I have a twitch account that I stream with almost every day. My name is slaya2021 on twitch and Dr_Silly69 on fortnite. I am looking for a cool fortnite clan and I believe that TEAM XILE is a good clan for me.


15th May 2020 - 6:30am

Hi! My name is Teddy! I am an avid Fortnite player and play on my iPad Pro with a controller. I have 100+ solo wins, 70+ duo wins, and 50+ squad wins. I have a YouTube channel but don’t post often. I am really good at building, editing, and aiming. I have been in two other clans and would like to join. Contact me at [email protected] with an email. To 1v1 to tryout, my gamer tag is LlamaDeMuerteYT.


12th May 2020 - 9:41pm

Hello, My name is John and I have been looking for a Fortnite clan for a while and I just found your clan and I wanted to see if I could tryout. My servers are NAE, I started in season 9, I have 50+ wins and 1500+ kills you can find me on instagram : john_mcgowan.18.     I have already messaged you guys and I would love it if you guys could respond. I am not toxic and I love to meme


10th May 2020 - 10:33am

hello my name is Reinout, i'm 13 years old, i have skill in fortnite and i have 6000 points in Arena, i play since season 2, i would like to make new friends, i hope you can improve my skill and make me be part of the clan. 

discord: Reinout030 #8387 
epic: Reinout030


9th May 2020 - 2:30pm

Hi I'm 14 and am looking for a clan to play Fortnite with. I have some skill and am Division 5 in Arena. I'm looking for a clan to play competitively with. I'm also hoping that if I make the team it'll help me improve my skill. I work on my editing and building every day in creative so that I can get better.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear back from you soon.

Discord: Ldog055#1373

Epic: Ldog055


5th May 2020 - 10:32pm

Im looking for a clan to play valorant with. I have some skill and im looking to get a lot bigger with the help of your team. heres a little you could get to know about me... Well first my name is xavier and i live in the us, I am 15 years old and I have loved gaming for a while. Ive never really wanted to competitively play video games until I saw the rise of valorant and my decent skill that came with the game. So all I ask is that you give me a shot for the team Xavier#9961 disc thanks for reading.

Redux Gaming

5th May 2020 - 2:04am

Hi, I'm Redux Gaming and I'm currently looking to register to a competitive team and I felt like that this was the team. I have a 6.30% win rate and my kill/death ratio is 2.16 and I've played since season 4. Thank you and I will be waiting to hear from you again.

BTW - Also 12 years and 5 months and PSN Tag = Redux-GamingYT01 (In Australia)


30th Apr 2020 - 5:20pm

I am looking for a good clan. I have over 10 wins and I am really sweaty. I am in division 5. I am also looking for a duo partner. I'm also 13.

bad player

30th Apr 2020 - 1:59am

can I join I have only 2 wins on fortnite and I'm trying to get more I'm trying to become a streamer plz my fortnite name is jay ray 2510 (ps: I can't use discord)

((ps ps:im 10)


13th Apr 2020 - 9:06pm

I’m an above average Xbox and Switch player who can play multiple roles. I play Fortnite and I know others who would be interested. i can learn relatively quickly and I want a good community to play with. I’m also hoping to get good enough to play more competitive. 

FYI- I am under 18


6th Apr 2020 - 5:12pm

Can I please join because I was in a clan but they kicked me out because I play on switch and now I'm lonely and this is a good clan because it has all platforms and quick question is it ok if I'm 11?


2nd Apr 2020 - 11:37am

Is it alright if I'm 11? im just looking for a clan because im lonely and an opportunity to get better at R6. :) 




21st Dec 2019 - 12:30pm

Hi, I am 14 years old and im looking for a good clan that i can play for. I have 2-3 friends that are also 14 years old and that are not toxic or anything like that. I play games like CS:GO, R6S and League of Legends and I am looking forward for you to contact me for further disscusions.


17th Dec 2019 - 4:13am

I am a 14 year old who is about to make the jump to pc ;because, I feel like I could improve drastically in my competitive skill. I already have good game sense and mechanics, it's just that I am very limited due to my xbox one's freezing and 60 fps. I would like to join an organization where I can get a long term contract, meet new people, and win competitively. 

Fortnite: I spend most of my time playing custom scrims and zone wars to get better. I have played competitive lightly since the black heart cup in march or april of 2019 I got arond 20 ish points. In the solo cash cups I average about 32 points. I would stay on console but I feel like I can drastically improve on pc/k&m

Destiny 2: I barely spend any time into d2 but when I do I play comp or quick play challenges with my friends. Hence my low 1.0 k/d average between both modes

I am always up to change and adapt to the current meta in any game

p.s. pc jump gg ez for my opponents


12th Dec 2019 - 7:13pm


I'm looking for a friendly Clan.

So I'm a decent (Some people call me very good) Fortnite Player. I'm a PC player and I'm not toxic or something like that. I would like to join a Clan since my old Clan "KOBE" got deleted, I'm from Germany. 

My IGN would be then IF I'm in the clan: "XILE terror."

If you want to test me how good I am in Fortnite add me: "NRG terror." (I'm not in NRG it WAS my favourite Clan.)

Enjoy the rest of your day!



30th Oct 2019 - 6:55am

Looking for a clan. 


Add me on fortnite 'thatgamepurple or thtgamerpurpleYT'.


Will 1v1 to try out. 


4.0 kdr. 


250+ wins. 


27th Oct 2019 - 1:22am

Hi my is Dillon I have been looking for a new clan and this is looking good if you ever need me my psn is Mccuskerpetrucce I stream on YouTube and twitch.


23rd Oct 2019 - 2:47pm

Im looking for a clan or org im restarting accounts to help my stats. I'm good at Fortnite right and i have a 8.00 kd. i'm a nice competitive person and im not toxic.If you are trying to get a hold of me text me on playstation @xDcodaz or @Egirl-Trippy.please contact me when you can to find out more info. My job in the clan would be a content creator/streamer!!