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Xx Over Populated Gaming xX

Mission Statement

----Welcome to Over Populated Gaming,----

---We are a small organization building to grow a multi platform organization through the Gaming Network. People from all around the world, all different platforms, all different games, and most importantly all different Cultures to surround yourself with!---

---We look to boost the comradery within the organization, lobbies, and most importantly have a blast while gaming with everyone. There is absolutely No reason the game should be stressful and that is exactly what we are trying to prevent from happening. ---

--- Our goal is for everyone to grow and have someone to game with at all times. ---

--- If This Interests You; Then We Are Blessed To Have You---

— Xx OP OG xX will host Game Nights every Tues & Saturday @1930CST

-- Join us on Discord: __

— EST 11/29/2019 —__

-Xx OP OG xX