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Xverse Gaming Community

Mission Statement

Xverse Gaming is a community for relaxed gamers of all platforms from all around the world, here you can recruit your clan, promote your business & chat with other members, participate in giveaways, vibe and just chill while having fun playing games. we have not long started this community but it has alot to offer


- PC / Playstation / XBOX / Switch / Mobile

- Find a squad & make friends with other members of the community

- Set up Clan Battles with other clans that are on the discord

- Have your Clan be under as a role in the discord server 

- Casual gaming Community with lots of news and media thats updated daily

- Support other gamers and grow your channel

- Our goal is to help members with there clan / help them grow as a streamer 

- Tech advice for PC owners and a Modders only section

- ALL ages are welcome to JOIN




- No Racism,Toxicity, or NSFW
- Respect the staff and their decisions
- No Advertising discords,Websites,personals without first having staff approval
- Use the appropriate channels for posting content
- Do not spam any of the channels
- Do not use this discord to message other members to advertise,spread toxicity, or harass
- English Only (We can't moderate other languages)
- Do not beg or ask for free things
- Don't bring up depression or suicide keep it to DM's please
- You can not win back-back giveaways, and alt acc's can not win. 48 Hours to claim any giveaway or will be rerolled/Void
- You Must Follow Discord ToS at all times









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