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Mission Statement

Hello fellow gamers,




xPro is a friendly community where we accept any players from the most experienced to the newbies to the team. Recently xPro is looking to having a massive overhaul which includes roster changes and also a new layout on discord as well as starting our very own division 2 team and we're hoping you'd join us on our exciting growth. We also have our own youtube channel ( and we're looking for content creators so if your interested please let us know by joining our discord and letting us know that your a youtube creator. We're also opening up our own Destiny 1 team, Destiny 2 xbox team, rocket league team, and in future so much more.




  • You must be 18+ (we do make few exceptions)
  • Must have a mic
  • Must be friendly
  • Must be willing to be talkative on discord
  • Must be willing to help other clan members




  • We don't accept any bad language towards other players, we can all banter to one another. But if we see you abusing other players will result in a kick from the clan.
  • We understand when everyone has other duties apart from gaming, the least we ask is to stay with us on discord. If we don't see a response from you in 2 weeks unless you said you'll be away you'll be kicked from the clan.
  • The clan priority is to help all our players out in game activities. If we see your not contributing in helping a fellow player, you'll be warned then kicked if repeated.
  • We also have a priority to play as a clan in game activities, if we feel that your not contributing to any clan activities unless your unable to, you'll be warned.




1.) Upvote this topic.

2.) Join our discord:

3.) Follow the steps below for the team your interested in.


Destiny 2 (PS4)


4.) Request to join our team here:

5.) Wait for an admin to respond (shouldn't be longer than 24 hours)

6.) Welcome Aboard


The Division 2 or 1 (XBOX & PS4)


4.) Message the division 2 PS4 or Xbox team leader on discord.

5.) They should add you and send you an invite to the division 2 clan

6.) Welcome aboard


Rocket League


4.) Message the founder.

5.) I'll add you and send you a request to join the team.

6.) Welcome aboard


Destiny 1 (PS4)


4.) Message a Destiny 2 admin.

5.) State your a Destiny 1 player and we'll create a clan for you depends on popularity

6.) Welcome Aboard.


I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read and took some interest in our clan. If you have any questions please take the time to get in touch and hopefully we see you soon as part of the xPro Clan :)





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