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XPlayz Gaming

Mission Statement

Back in 2013 during the glory days of Xbox 360 and PS3 when clans were a big deal and everyone had to have there own clan I found myself looking to join a clan myself, however I didn’t want to join just any clan where you don’t even talk to 90% of the members. I wanted a clan that was close knit and played together daily, a clan that would welcome me into there ranks as family, a group of people that I could build genuine friendships with. After bouncing around for a while I came across a clan of 7 people known at the time as the wreckless clan. From day one everyone was friendly and welcoming to me I made friends with them instantly and had the best gaming experience that I’ve had to date everyday we were in parties and gaming as a group much like how you are in high school with your group of friends it was different than joining a large clan where no one really knows each other. I was in this clan for 2 years until eventually moving somewhere without internet. After returning to the city and getting into online games I couldn’t reunite with that clan and for months tried to find another clan like it but was unsuccessful. It was then that I decided If I couldn’t find a clan like that I would make a clan like that. And here we are in 2018 I started a clan called the gamer disciples which had a good run and was moderately successful but had some problems now in 2020 that clan has been perfected and is now the XPlayz Gaming Clan! We like to play COD warzone or just regular COD. We also have other clan only servers on other games that we would love to invite you to! There are no major requirements to join the clan you don't HAVE to change your name you can if you would like to rep the clan and show your loyalty. You do have to join the discord and the Club on Xbox but thats it we hope to see you soon!

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13th Jul 2020 - 4:18am

Her Uhm Your Invite Is Invalid And I Would Like To Join But I Cant 


17th May 2020 - 12:22am

Hi there, this clan sounds exactly like what I've been looking for. The discord inv is invalid though, are y'all accepting applications at the moment? 

Lucas Oliver

19th Apr 2020 - 11:41pm

[email protected]
19 de abril 2020
Clanes de eSports, Negocios, Youtubers, Streamers
 Diseñador Grafico, Editor de videos

Buenas, que tal.

En mi búsqueda de nuevos proyectos creativos, me entusiasmó encontrar la oferta de trabajo de Diseñador Grafico en su Clan de eSports. Como profesional con ambiciones y experiencia en Diseño Grafico y Editor de Videos, creo que podré brindar una excelente contribución a su equipo.

Encuentro inspiración y motivación en actividades como la identificación de enfoques mejorados y soluciones optimizadas para la atención de nuevos usuarios. Mi idea del éxito se fundamenta en la exploración, la búsqueda y la creatividad. Creo que añadir nuevas perspectivas y probar nuevas técnicas ayudan a los equipos a crecer y evolucionar. Al igual que su Clan de eSports, mi objetivo es estar a la vanguardia de los avances del sector.

Mis contribuciones a mi antiguo puesto de Diseñador Grafico, y a este campo en general, giran en torno a mis talentos fundamentales: Diseñador Grafico y Editor de Videos. He desarrollado habilidades muy sólidas en el área de innovación, y he cultivado mi buena reputación con aportes fundamentales y otras aptitudes, como gestión del tiempo y organización. Tengo herramientas suficientes para buscar maneras de integrar perspectivas valiosas. Con todas estas cualidades, confío en mi capacidad de propiciar un cambio positivo y facilitar el trabajo colectivo.

Le invito a revisar el currículum adjunto para obtener una visión más completa de mi trayectoria y mis cualificaciones. Quedo a la espera de poder hablar con usted sobre esta oportunidad y agradezco su atención.
Lucas Oliver


[email protected]
April 19, 2020
Clans eSports, Business, Youtubers, Streamers
Graphic Designer, Video Editor

Hi, how are you?

In my search for new creative projects, I was excited to find the Graphic Designer job offer in their eSports Clan. As a professional with ambitions and experience in Graphic Design and Video Editor, I think I will be able to make an excellent contribution to your team.

I find inspiration and motivation in activities such as identifying improved approaches and optimized solutions for the attention of new users. My idea of ??success is based on exploration, search and creativity. I think adding new perspectives and trying new techniques help teams grow and evolve. Like your eSports Clan, my goal is to be at the forefront of advancements in the industry.

My contributions to my former position of Graphic Designer, and to this field in general, revolve around my core talents: Graphic Designer and Video Editor. I have developed very strong skills in the area of ??innovation, and I have cultivated my good reputation with fundamental contributions and other skills, such as time management and organization. I have enough tools to find ways to integrate valuable insights. With all these qualities, I am confident in my ability to promote positive change and facilitate collective work.

I invite you to review the attached curriculum to obtain a more complete vision of my career and my qualifications. I look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity and appreciate your attention.
Lucas Oliver


18th Apr 2020 - 12:09pm

Your discord link is invalid bro your gonna have to switch it to a lifetime one or a new fresh one