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Xiled Gaming (XGC, SYN, KoG)

Mission Statement

                            Xiled Gaming Community (XGC, SYN, KoG)

Xiled Gaming is an online social gaming community which was established in 2007. We are one of the largest active gaming communities around. The community itself has over 3 different divisions which is separated by age, we have over 75,000 registered members on the community website, and over 50+ clans to choose from based upon the types of games you play, your gaming style and much more. 


The Divisions within Xiled Gaming

  • Xiled Gaming Clan (XGC) - Must be at least 18+ to join this division. 
  • The Syndicate (SYN) - Must be at least 16+ to join this division (This division allows you to trash-talk / T-Bag)
  • Kings of Gaming (KoG) - Must be at least 16+ to join this division (more laid back for your casual / recreation gamers)

If you are interested in joining a well structured gaming community that has already established itself on many different games, then please visit our website or message SYN CAVSCOUT for additional details / assistance. 

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10th Sep 2018 - 8:10pm

Could someone from the competitive League of Legends division message me on discord: Thendoren1#7643