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Xikectic Clan

Mission Statement

This is a fun clan where everyone can meet and have fun! Please join, and we might be able to make this a competitive! If you want to join, please DM EggCivillion#3950 or Tucker12345#0197. If you do not have discord, please text to 631-374-9846. (Note: If you want to join the clan, you must get discord.)


- No Cursing

- No Spamming

- No Jokes that can hurt someone else's feelings

(Penalties: 1st time, warning, 2nd time: Suspension, 3rd time, Kicked out)

(Resets every month)


More than 10 wins

More than 500 kills

Must have a Discord, Youtube, and Twitch account (You could share with another person)

Must tryout with a Pro player in our group

Must have subscribed the leader Xikectic_Eggy and follow Xikectic_Eggy and dishsoap843

Must post videos or stream at least twice a week

(This will change as the clan grows)

Have fun!