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[XB1] UE Expansion Continues!

Mission Statement

US, UK, EUrope, everyone, c'mon down!

Our clan is based on morals, respect for one another, and acting as adult - with a good sense of humour. You'll bust your sides!

No one is above anyone! 

We have active players for all content.

Join the family.
We'll also discuss mergers for casual and/or srs bzns clans that want more people to enjoy the game with, without the fuss of managing recruitment, etc.

Best contact method:
Direct Message to Bnet: JessBabi or Slim Creeper on Destiny the Game app or website.Notifications from this site do not happen. If you reply here, not only will it take longer for a response but, then we'll have to play the / Xbox Gamer Tag dance to even find you.

We've filled our second clan (UNFORGIVEN EMPIRE ALPHA [UEA]), our third (UNFORGIVEN EMPIRE BETA [UEB]), our fourth (UNFORGIVEN EMPIRE GAMMA [UEG]), and our fifth (UNFORGIVEN EMPIRE DELTA [UED]).

We have a single, multi-channel discord server used for FT organization and communication (text, not voice)
Discord is a big deal because it ensures that all clans are the same family and work as one.

Application Details:

1. What is your AGE / Sex / Time Zone / GT? 

2. We post in forum are you okay with that? Are you able to read pinned tab to know what is being discussed in them? 

3.  Discord is a app downloadable to phone/tablet/computer IT IS A REQUIREMENT! 

4. You have to use discord to get teams together and games going, and MUST be active at least 2-3 days a week. This will be checked weekly. Is this an issue for you?

5. Are you willing to help out getting engrams and maxed xp? With raids? Trials of The Nine? If you have been flawless we have an emblem for you in our family! Absolutely NO RAGING ON FAMILY OR QUITTING! 

6. We have under 18+ Members is this a problem? Everyone will have to play with everyone no exception. 

7. We are a family of many, so availability is not always there to everyone is this a problem? 


9. We have leadership in the family, if you have a dispute you will need to dm/pm ANYONE WITH A LEADERSHIP ROLE. Anyone starting a fight/argument/debate after told to knock it off will be banned immediate. If one staff member has a decision with you, we do not go to another staff member to get overruled that will result in a banned IMMEDIATELY! Can you handle these guidelines?

Best contact method:
PM to Bnet: JessBabi or Slim Creeper on Destiny the Game app or website.


Where are most clan members located:
Literally all over the place.
We'd definitely like to add even more folks from UK, South Africa, Europe, everywhere! (Must be fluent in English)

Usually someone on - most active in the afternoons, evenings and weekends.

About UE clan:
(Age 17+ please for primary members. If you're under 17 then, we prefer [not a hard requirement] that you have a parent/guardian joined first)
Clan just spun out from a larger one to get a core group of friendlies going.
Trials, Raids, Quests, - anything where group play is fun. 
Clan has a lot of full-time parents that understand RL > online so there are no official time or power requirements.
We like to have fun and joke around with each other. 
We are a team and we help one another out with things. :D



7th Jan 2018 - 9:46am

Hey Slim Creeper.. I'm looking for an active Clan that do regular runs. Freshly converted from PS4 (Xbox One X for Christmas) have a 25 Warlock and Hunter. I'm a 39 from UK, IT Director, very active in Evenings and Weekends. Let me know if you have any room. Gamer Tag is the same Graygar78. Thanks in advance!


31st Dec 2017 - 5:49pm

Hi. I recently made the switch from PC to XB1 to have a more casual outlook on gaming and decided to pick Destiny up. Currently with the Dilemma of having no one to run end game content with, have a good background with the MMO genre being an ex hardcore WoW raider.

22 years old from the UK.

Bnet is RyanWeaver#2221.No idea whether this website is actually any good or whether you are active on it but i thought i'd give it a go, Cheers.


27th Dec 2017 - 1:26am
    • I am a person who adjust to games and i also like to learn more about destiny 2 haven't been inactive for a bit because I have been working a lot but been working hard on my characters during the break we have but regularly I won't be on until 1. Maybe even 2...
    • My strengths are working either as a team or solo, I like to create a environment where people like to learn and play together.
    • Strikes and team play is my strength and my downfall is learning the raids its kind of simple but hard at the same time 
    • 24 years old
  1. Discord and xbox one GT is coogimayne254


25th Dec 2017 - 3:09pm

New to Destiny lf fun clan. Discord name is Angrydave and Bnet tag is Angrydave#11183. Hope to see a reply.

Slim Creeper

27th Dec 2017 - 8:29pm

For Clarity: I'm not having luck getting a message to Angrydave. I can see Angrydave#11183 as a bnet user - but no Xbox Live is attached, nor will bnet allow me to direct message Angrydave#11183.

Please request an invite to Unforgiven Empire Beta and then we should be able to reach out form there. 


18th Dec 2017 - 1:19am

Looking for a active clan. My discord name is Chris410 #6681..... My xbox name is Chris410 . Lmk if your looking for a gamer thats willing to grind and help other players get  accomplishments.