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World of Warcraft Berzerkers

Mission Statement

What are the goals of the WoW Berzerkers? The first goal that has been launched in guild is the recruitment of people who value our values, so the new member must be: friendly, respectful, motivated and present. We want the atmosphere to remain healthy and enjoyable for everyone. Only then will new goals be set and defined. The "second goal" is to develop a guild for as many activities as possible. We want to offer both PvP and PvE, regardless of nature (wild PvP, BG, arena, dungeons, MM +, attacks, leveling, etc.). You can specialize or do a little bit of everything. You're completely free. The number of recruited people gives everyone the opportunity to do what they love over time. Finally, we accept all kinds of profiles, provided that they respect the values ​​of the community. If you're a beginner, veteran players will be happy to answer your questions. If you are a veteran player, your expertise is greatly appreciated in our operations. In either case, a good atmosphere is what we want above all.




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