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WiLd Clan

Mission Statement

WiLd is now recruiting the best of the best Fortnite players to our exclusive clan. We are undefeated in clan battles (26-0) and our clan battle video on youtube has over 10k views and growing (link below). We are looking for talented players on xbox, ps4, or PC. Join the discord (link below) and fill out a short trial application to see if you are eligible to join. 


Clip Grinder Requirements

• 2.0 kd

• 150  Lifetime Wins


Competitive Team Requirements 

• 3.0 kd

• 250 Lifetime Wins


Join our discord (the link takes you straight to the #trial-application channel... Please read the pinned messages)


Check our Youtube to watch our Clan Battles.


Instagram: WiLdclanfn