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WiLd Clan

Mission Statement

Wild is an active competitive/causal clan for young adults. We compete in scrims and clan battles or sometimes we just play to relax and have fun. You will have access to many great players like yourself to team up and practice with even if your not on one of the top teams! We are welcoming NAE and NAW fortnite and apex players on PC and Xbox One. Join the discord link below and fill out a short tryout application if you are interested in joining. We will get back to you within a week because we get very busy between tryouts and scrims/other competitive events so please be patient. 


Fortnite Requirements

• 2.0 K/D

• 150 Wins.

• 16+ age


Apex Legends Requirements

• 2.0 kills to games played ratio

• 16+ age


Join our discord (the link takes you straight to the #tryout-application channel... Please read the pinned messages carefully)


Check our Youtube to watch our Clan Battles.


Instagram: WiLdclanfn