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White Rabbit Gaming

Mission Statement

Active and social Destiny 2 Clan founded by a married couple, led by married couples...oh and this one guy, Eric!



We play daily, usually around 7pm CST


Just cleaned house of inactive members and made some room for more active ones. Only taking in a few more at this time.


Requirements to join



Be an adult 


Be active in Destiny - if you’re not as active as myself or the other clan leaders, this is isn’t the clan for you. 


Be social - Come make some new friends. There’s nothing wrong with soloing but if that is all you do, this isn’t the clan for you. 


Have a similar time availability - US based clan. Members play at varied times but we get together for Nightfalls, Raids etc. nightly.


Download and use the Destiny Companion app. This how we communicate with everyone outside of party chat and group up.


Please be patient and willing to help others in the clan. Who really wants to use LF!



Bad jokes, crude humor, profanity...a second language, gettin WRECKED in PvP

Just having a good time


Message me in the app if you would like join us. 

I won't be checking messages here.