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Mission Statement

Destiny 2 Clan founded by a married couple looking for active adult players. PvP PvE


New and veteran players join us!


OPEN membership for adults 18 and older with similar time availability.


We play daily usually after 7pm PT 


Looking for people who have at least 25 Leviathan clears and would like to raid daily.


Just want to run around and blow sh!t up on your own? That’s fine too, just contribute


Bad jokes, filthy minds and good natured ribbing welcomed!


Please be patient,willing to help others, active and have a mic. Most importantly...HAVE FUN!


Gearing up for season 3 and the new DLC!

PvP and PvE


Join our clan Discord to find a fire team. Don’t forget to make your Discord name match your gamer tag. You’ll be a sent a link after joining the clan.


If White Rabbit Gaming clan is full, you can join our OPEN sister clan. Message Twisted Jane



Mon, 05/14/2018 - 23:48

Are you still open for applications? My wife and I are looking far a clan.