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White Rabbit Gaming

Mission Statement

New Destiny 2 Clan founded by a married couple looking for active adult players.

Open membership for 18 and older

New and veteran players join us!


Long day? Just want to run around and blow Sh!t up on your own?  Not a problem you're still contributing to the clan and all of our benefit. 


We play daily, usually 7PM MST, Arizona.

PvP and PvE.

Raid and Nightfalls as the clan grows.


Please be patient, willing to help others and have a mic.  Most importantly.....HAVE FUN!!


We're both D1 veterans. Casual but we get sh!t done. "Mild" cursing while getting WRECKED in PvP. Bad jokes and crude humor reign supreme.

Message Alpha Subject or Twisted Jane with any questions.




Over 18

Have mic

Not an overly sensitive dbag

Not a mouth breather

Active and social

Similar time availablility

Looking for a clan where im not sitting around for a week before i ever get an invite

GT: Brohemoth518

Twisted Jane

Your welcome to join. We would be happy to have you! I'm not big on sending out invites to jump in while I'm on just because I don't want to push anyone into playing w me that might not fell like it at the time. Seeing as you have officially given the green light to spam the f*ck out of you....consider it done.