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Whacked Company

Mission Statement

Whacked Company is an open concept guild that focuses on both PvE and PvE aspects of New World. We are also part of the Centaur Syndicate Alliance. Our focus is to provide players with a healthy environment to enjoy the game and to keep building on the importance of teamwork and strategy as we delve into new territories together. We come with experience as the second company in Centaur sever to claim our first settlement in New World closed beta setting, allowing us a better position leading into the launch. We will strive to have an established group of players with an active leadership. We welcome you to join Whacked Company and look forward to seeing you and hope you have a great experience with us.



-    We strive to create an organized and efficient gaming community that values respect.

-    We aspire to be the TOP Oceanic that will cater for all aspects of the game.

-    We are looking to get our first settlement on the **first day of launch**.

-    We have a well-rounded team knowledgeable in different aspects of New World.


-    We are recruiting both PvP and PvE minded players.

-    We are always on discord and would appreciate players to get involved as much.

-    We are looking for Quality Members or members willing to participate in helping the company involve.

-    Inactive players or those not willing to participate in the guild will be removed.