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We Are DeNy

Mission Statement

About Us:

Originally as a Gears of War team, DeNy Gaming is a team/clan made up of content creators, montagers, and streamers who enjoy playing video games and entertaining others. Our mission is to build a bond to connect all communities together through enjoyable content. DeNy is made up of gamers from all kinds of diversity and unique personalities.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for gamers from all kinds of different communities that can bring their unique talents to the team. 


Content Creators and Montagers must have an active YouTube channel.

Streamers must provide a Twitch/Mixer channel with an active schedule.

Editors and Graphics Designers are highly welcome, but must provide recent work.

No toxicness treat all others with respect and kindness


How to Join:

Contact us on by joining our Discord!


Our Links: