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Mission Statement

[RECRUITING STNG] PC | NA/EU | CASUAL | END-GAME | GAMBIT | PVP PVE | ACTIVE | STAFF | Community of funny and friendly guardians.



My movements are not predictable, even to myself


This is Verwüstung, the havoc. [STNG]. A collective group of experienced guardians who take pride in having an active and friendly community, as well as being supportive to eachother, and passionate about the things they love; and share. Bonding from different backgrounds to come together as a funny, positive, and determined clan. We are a family, and in that we find a home; one that you could also be part of.

The Verwüstung have no requirements, we accept anyone and everyone, as long as you are like-minded and ready to share memories and experiences with us. Some clans promise empty opportunities, Verwüstung makes them a reality. This is not a dictatorship, this is a community.

No matter what you want to explore, from the immersive, fast past action of Gambit and Crucible, to the challenge End Game Raids, we delve past the depths of the ordinary.

So, want to join us?
First, upvote this thread and join the discord link
Secondly, follow the application process through discord.

We hope to see you as part of our family, we won’t leave you behind. If you have any questions don’t be shy, ask them In the comments below, you will replied to asap.


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