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Vangarda Siochana - Destiny

Mission Statement

A new PS4 clan for a new beginning.  With the release of D2, it has given us all an opportunity to either reassess our current clans or ponder joining a clan to obtain the new clan loot that will be available on the completion of group and solo activities.  We are a new clan for a new beginning with no elitists.  Just a totally level playing field from the very beginning in all aspects of the game.

We are a new start and growing active clan and already having a fantastic time on party chat playing D2.

We are looking for new players to join and help get the sweet free loot clans are getting and also for a laugh.  We have no pre requisites only that you are over 16 as per game rating.

We aim to help anyone that needs it and have fun along the way.

UK/Ireland based on Discord

The Clan name means ‘Guardians of the Peace’.