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Mission Statement


We are a new gaming community working of discord. We have all been in previous discord communities with leadership experience within them communities.  These didn't work for us for various reasons so we wanted to make a community for the players . A place where you can come and chat and have fun, call out for a squad to play your favourite games . If you dont want to play or chat for a week, two weeks or whatever . That is your choice . We are here so when you want someone to play with its here for you. 

We mainly play call of duty right now the members that are here but we dont want to be limited to that.  We want gamers who play all games to come join and meet friends to play with. 

We are cross platform.  We have members right now from Xbox, Ps4 , PC



Casual, laid back gamers who want to have fun. We all can get sweaty and want to win . But it's all about keeping it fun. We dont want gamers who scream at other members because things isnt going well. If that's how you are then we are not the community for you 


Min age 16+ 

However we have a dedicated section of our discord for 13 to 15 years old. You will have no access to the over 16 section and only senior leadership will have access to the under 16 section. We want to make it a safe place where you can meet people your own age and play your favourite games.

Be respectful to other members.  Treat people how you would like to be treated.

This is all we require, we want people from all walks of life who just want to meet new friends and play games. 


As we are a new community we will be looking out for members who can help in leadership roles. 


If it is something new and fresh you are looking for . A group of friendly, fun gamers. Then hit the join button, come be part of something special and grow with us.   one off our videos


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